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REKIT is a leading financial and investment advisory firm in Nigeria that provides customised investment support for individuals and corporate bodies through wealth planning, specialised investment solutions, and goal-based investing. With a proficient blend of experienced financial advisors, we provide our clients with sound and objective solutions to ensure consistent long-term investment growth.
Personal Financial Planning
With a thorough understanding of our clients investment objectives, risk apetites and time horizon, we provide a unique and comprehensive financial plan to enable them meet their major life goals
Wealth Management
We partner with our clients through innovative solutions that support wealth accumulation, enhancement, consolidation and protection.
Goal-Based Investing
Our unparalleled goal-based investing solutions that address specific goals such as: home acquisition, car purchase, education, etc.
Sucession Planning
We co-create with our clients to develop bespoke generational wealth protection and transfer solutions through wills, trusts, endownment funds and foundations.
Tax and Insurance Planning
Through our premium insurance and tax solutions, our clients are assured of asset protection and timely compliance with tax expectations.

Discover Your Wealth Potential With Our Free Online Calculator

Discover Your Wealth Potential With Our Free Online Calculator
Wealth Planning Calculator
Estimate your future wealth today
Determine your


in real time over a range of years



Investment advice


a Variety

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Wealth Planning Solutions For Building and Preserving Your Wealth

Wealth Planning Solutions For Building and Preserving Your Wealth

Consultative Model

Understanding our client needs is key to our investment advice

Team of Specialists

Our team of specialists ensure that each client’s financial goal is prioritized in order of importance

Customized Solutions

Our solutions fit into your needs and ensure that each stage of your financial lifecycle is adequately catered to

Optimizing Your Asset Allocation

Optimizing Your Asset Allocation
Strategic Asset allocation
We deploy strategic asset allocation tools to ensure that your portfolio has the right mix of assets that result in winning outcomes across markets, sectors and companies

Goal-Based Planning for life milestones

Goal-Based Planning for life milestones
Our wide range of plans allows you to meet your major life goals conveniently
Advisors work with you to


personalized strategies that fit your plans for the future.

We help


your dreams by developing an investment plan to help you realize your goals.

We provide the


for flexibility in your unique plan to accomodate changes in your circumstances.

Take the next step toward your personal and professional goals